Sewing Machines

Good morning, everyone. We are still a hundred dollars away from our goal. For this week….. We will be picking up supplies tomorrow morning.

So, please. Donate here on the fundraiser or use this PayPal link

At the bottom is a picture of a manual sewing machine that we can purchase.

We would like to get three machines. They are $250 Canadian.

We would get a $10 break if we by 3 so we would get them for $240 Canadian each

They had one sewing machine. And that one has broke down and is beyond repair. It is very old.

These sewing machines enable these women to make a living and feed their children.

We are here to make a difference. Not give a hand out but a hand up !

So please let’s help these widows As we have been commanded.

Once again, here is the PayPal link.

Or go to the bottom donate button. And you can use your debit or credit card.

Thank you and bless you have a blessed week.

By Aaron Murray

Husband, Father, Artist. Lover of the beauty of creation.